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The government’s failure to deal with the continued financial disaster additional aggravated the plight of the population. Severe shortages of affordable food and money deepened social pressure, leading to unprecedented country protests. In 2020, Turkmenistan skilled cascading social and financial crises as the government recklessly denied and mismanaged the Covid-19 epidemic throughout the country. According to the Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting, a regional analytical, informational, and educational platform, the government decisions are being enforced by native authorities and legislation enforcement agencies throughout the country. UN companies like the WHO, UNFPA, and UNICEF have kept silent, lending legitimacy to stifling injustice faced by people in Turkmenistan.

As President Niyazov diverts Turkmenistan’s enormous oil and fuel income away from training, well being care, and the social welfare system, ladies are taking drastic measures to support themselves and their households. Prostitution has been on the rise in latest years, and there are reviews of parents forcing their daughters and husbands forcing their wives to sell their bodies on the road. Once a girl is married, it is extremely unlikely that she will be capable of pursue greater education as a end result of she is expected to stay house and look after her husband and in-laws. Single mothers notably need increased entry to and sponsorship of higher education.

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Beautiful, talented, successful and modest – the ladies of Turkmenistan obtain outstanding results however hardly ever speak about it. In honour of International Women’s Day, UNDP, UNFPA, and UNODC invited eight unbelievable girls who’re engaged in quite a lot of fields to speak about their lives, how they cope with daily difficulties and what advice they would give to youthful ladies on how to achieve success. The Turkmen president change and the additional women’s proper restrictions present clearly that Ashgabat plans to cooperate deeply with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Dozens of magnificence salons throughout the country have stopped their activities after receiving a warning from the police about violating the ban on providing “unauthorized” procedures and providers to clients. Beauty parlor homeowners who violate the ban may be fined the equivalent of US$285 or jailed for 15 days. To implement these regulations, the police have performed raids in public locations and workplaces.

Thus, the method of Ashgabat-Kabul rapprochement may improve the activity of Moscow and Tehran to block the infrastructure plans of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Since the Russian gas gross sales market is shrinking because of the Kremlin’s aggressive war in Ukraine, Moscow will make finest efforts to disrupt any different energy projects, including with the help of operations to destabilize the situation in the project companion international locations. In addition, as a half of women’s proper restriction coverage, the government has forbidden them from riding in automobiles along with men who aren’t their relations, as properly as from sitting within the entrance seat next to the motive force, both in taxis and in private vehicles. Since Serdar Berdymukhammedov succeeded his father as President of Turkmenistan in a sham election on March 12, which the RLI predicted this January, the nation has imposed unofficial discriminatory restrictions on ladies.

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Article 25 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan requires mutual consent for marriage. Arranged child marriages are widespread, usually between members of the same tribe. Women are garbed in ankle-length clothes of silk or velvet, that are generally a mixture of shiny oranges, purples, yellows, blues, and greens. The necklines are embellished with elaborate gold-thread needlework that drops down, adorning the neckline right to the navel.

In October, access to Yandex and Google browsers were blocked for 2 days. In some cases, authorities summoned family members for questioning, threatened them with dismissal from their jobs, and even beat some. Authorities coerced well being staff into silence in regards to the unfold of Covid-19. Rights and Freedoms of Turkmen Citizens, a Prague-based impartial group, reported that health workers are not provided with adequate private protecting gear , endangering their lives and health. The group also reported that in July, authorities arrested on bogus hooliganism and different charges seven doctors in one area who had refused to follow orders to pressure sufferers with Covid-19 symptoms to pay for treatment.

Prostitution is reported to be on the rise, and deteriorating social, financial and political situations make ladies increasingly vulnerable to trafficking. They have much less access to greater training and well being care, and their standing in the family just isn’t equal to that of males. The suggestion of a WHO advisor on reproductive health contains additional reproductive health training for Ob/Gyn specialists, household docs, and midwives. However, he notes a number of barriers to offering the required training, together with the flowery and time-consuming process to acquire the Ministerial approval for coaching programs.

They have detained women carrying false eyelashes or nails and taken them to police stations, allegedly forcing them to “do away with” their beauty equipment and fining them the equal to US$140. Meanwhile, state media promotes pronatalist propaganda that encourages Turkmen girls to have eight youngsters. All over the world, the EU works to forestall and resolve conflicts, to assist resilient democracies, to promote human rights and sustainable improvement, to battle local weather change, and to contribute to a rules-based global order. The EU maintains diplomatic relations with practically all countries on the earth and undertakes a spread of actions with strategic companions, key international gamers, and emerging and growing powers. Law-enforcement officials merely cite an unofficial ban on introducing “foreign objects” to the female physique, according to, a internet site based in the Netherlands.

In 2002, by presidential decree, Niyazov ended secondary education at the ninth grade. Niyazov’s latest closures of Russian schools additional contributed to will increase in unemployment. The report also states that to the Post’s data, the Government of Turkmenistan has not prosecuted any case against TIP.

USAID supported both new and continued registration of the limited number of unbiased non-governmental organizations in order to preserve their standing to legally operate. Protecting women and girls in opposition to violence through implementation of regulation. Improving legislation in accordance with CEDAW recommendations and gender equality principles.

Turkmenistan’s authorities denies the existence of poverty within the country and failed to make sure an sufficient lifestyle and the proper to meals for economically susceptible groups. Shortages of backed food, the rise of market prices, and a drastic discount in the quantity of remittances from overseas pressure individuals to stand in strains for hours hoping to buy minimal quantities of staple foods. People skilled restrictions on purchases arbitrarily imposed on the state shops. There are not any publicly available official knowledge on the population’s food wants. A number of women’s rights organizations have called for the international community’s intervention and the removal of these restrictions affecting feminine health and freedom of selection.

Dozens of girls have reportedly lost their jobs in current weeks for allegedly having had breast implants or lip fillers. Manufacturing of ketene, a homespun silk, persists largely as a cottage talent. The embroidery on the garments reveal various patterns which would possibly be solely generally identified as a family hallmark, distinguishing the family of its maker.