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I-top Global Services is a well established Website Designing Company in Africa, Have branches in several countries in Africa and other part of the world.   successfully entered in the global market 13 years back to conquer the local marketplace like Africa,  global marketplace like United States Of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Kuwait, Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Isreal, Australia and New zealand with its extra-ordinary strong presence on the World Wide Web. We have the most creative website developers to create a new design for your company using the latest website standards.

At I-top Global Services, we provide Quality website designing, time bound, cost effective and value added services for technology innovative business solutions that require specialized domain expertise. We are best and low price(cheap) website designer with high quality standards. We are one of the best SEO specialist company in Africa with lot of latest tools to ensure your page ranking in search engines. we have new imaginative thoughts and plans to your enterprise with w3c, cpn and nspe approval and over the top end site testing.

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1) Specialized program that allows user to utilize in specific application is classified as

2) Who was the youngest Judge in the whole world?

3) In determining sales force size, when a company groups accounts into different size
classes and then determines the number of salespeople needed to call on them the
desired number of times, it is called the:

4) Setting call objectives is done during which of the following stages of the selling

5) Sellers that handle their own exports are engaged in:

6) I-top Global Services is an ICT firm.

7) The input machine which originated in the United States around 1880s is a ___________

8) Which of the following information forms available to the marketing manager can
usually be accessed more quickly and cheaply than other information sources?

9) Who was the first woman to drive a car?

10) The orange juice manufacturers know that orange juice is most often consumed in the mornings. However, they would like to change this and make the drink acceptable during other time periods during the day. Which form of segmentation would they need to work with and establish strategy reflective of their desires?

11) which continent is Canada?

12) All of the following are considered to be drawbacks of local marketing EXCEPT :

13) The typical method of retail operation used by supermarkets and catalog showrooms is

14) More and more salespeople are being evaluated and compensated based on different
measures than in the past. All of the following are illustrations of those measures

15) The only language which the computer understands is ______________

16) A child in the United States is normally exposed to all of the following values EXCEPT :

17) What is the name of the oldest bride in the world?

18) who is the Governor of Delta State

19) The Internet evolved from a network created by during the 1960s.

20) The is a person within a reference group who, because of special

skills, knowledge, personality, or other characteristics, exerts influence on others.

21) Which continent is Eritrea?

22) Concerns that the manufacturers of harmful products such as tobacco have influence
on lawmakers to the detriment of the public interest is used as evidence of which
criticism of marketing?

23) Load address for the first word of the program is called

24) Who was the first Nigeria woman to be a pilot?

25) Pricing to cover variable costs and some fixed costs, as in the case of some automobile
distributorships that sell below total costs, is typical of which of the following pricing

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