Web Development

We are a Web and Software Development Company Located in Nigeria

We offer the following Services in web development

 Internet Marketing
your money wisely spent

Internet marketing is a broad term that encompasses SEO (Search Engine Optimization, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), Social Media Marketing, and more. Each of these ideas is onto itself a complex subject and you’re trying to run a business, not understand the complexities of Internet Marketing. That’s where our Internet Marketing Team can help you. We understand SEO, SEM, PPC, and Social Media. You understand your business. We will sit down with you and discuss your goals. Our team just doesn’t talk to you about the broad ideas behind these tools. We bring actionable items to the table. Real changes you can make, how much they cost, the return you can expect, and more.

Website Development

Your page, your ideas

Are you happy with your website? Can you make changes or do you have to call your website developer to do every little thing? When was the last time your website changed? These are important questions you must ask yourself. Most business owners not only don’t know about website development they just don’t care. They want to run their business. Our website development team understands this. We build websites all day, every day. Our website development project manager will work with you to make sure you get the website you want at a price you can afford. Your imagination is the limit.


Bigger market, more sales

eCommerce has come a long way in a few years. With tools like Magento and WooCom for WordPress it’s easier than ever to run your eCommerce store and deliver your product to the customers who want it. More and more business is done online each year and if you’re looking for an eCommerce solution our eCommerce team can help. We not only build the website you want but we make sure you can manage your products without learning web languages. If you think it’s too hard let us prove you wrong. For a minimal outlay you can have a store up and running in less than a week. You want more, we can do that also. More product, more sales, more profit.

Software Development

Coding and Testing

Our software application development team writes clean and clear code. As a software development company we insist on using the best software application practices and proven techniques for high-performance products for all our software application development projects. When it comes to choosing a software development company a wrong decision can cost money but more importantly time. For customers with a global audience, we build software applications that use content delivery networks (CDNs) for fast delivery of content to anywhere.

Mobile Development

Apps for Today

Do you need an App? It’s an important question to answer because more and more people are browsing the web from their phones and tablets. If you are relying on people sitting at their computer you’re pitching to a smaller audience every day. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry? Our Mobile Development team has the answers. We’ll build you App right the first time and for all devices. When it comes to Mobile Development our team uses tools like Xamarin to ensure we get it right the first time.

Database Development

the backbone of business

Databases are the backbone of any business in the modern world. Your data is in a database and your workers need access to it realiably and instantly. Our Database Development team is familiar with a variety of database tools and can help with installation, provide support, our build an entirely new system. If your database systems aren’t working the way you want let us take a look. We’ll come up with a plan, explain the costs, and deliver the final product.

WordPress Websites

you’re in control

WordPress is the number one website tool in the world and we love it. Our WordPress website team is dedicated to ensuring that once you get the website you want you’ll be able to add and edit content without ever paying us again. Do you have to go to your website developer every time you make a change? Not with us. Our Project Managers listen to what you want, not what we want to build. Our final cost is final. You’ll be able to edit content and create new content even if you don’t have any web experience. Part of our WordPress website development is a training session for your employees. If you want more later we can add-on. Starting as low as $1,000 for a simple WordPress website. You can’t afford to wait any longer.

Small Business Sites

We build, you populate

If you own a Small Business it is imperative you talk to our Small Business website team. We understand the nature of a small business and will help you decide if you need a website. If we think a website is going to help your business then our Small Business team will sit down with you and figure out the best strategy to make it happen. More and more people are doing their business on the web with phones and other devices. We’ll ensure your Small Business website shows up well on those devices. We’ll build you an eCommerce site if necessary. We make sure you and your team can update the small business website yourself.